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Cairns Display Homes

Smithfield Village

Lot 2120  No.15 Castleton Entrance, Smithfield Qld 4878

Opening Times: 10am – 4pm Thursday - Monday

Other days by appointment only

Contact: Chloe 0437 604 446 or Olivia 0499 414 900

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Outlook Village, Bentley Park

Lot 107 No. 1 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

Opening Times 10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Other days by appointment only

Contact:  Chloe 0437 604 446 or Olivia 0499 414 900

Australia’s housing market is always fluctuating, and this means that a new home will likely be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. You need to be careful and consider all your options, not to mention make sure that the house that you’re eyeing fits your budget.

Cairns is one of the more populous cities in the Far North of Queensland, making it a prime destination for tourists and new home owners. Even now, both the urban and the suburban sector are booming as more and more people are settling down. This is all thanks to the city’s enviable location and rather laid back atmosphere, with the latter being a unique trait in major metropolitan cities in Australia.

Finding that dream home in Cairns is understandably difficult, though, especially when you consider that prime lots and locations are always being snapped up.

At Cougar Homes, we build residential homes that incorporate stunning design and flawless quality. With over twenty years in the housing industry, we’ve helped new homeowners moving into Cairns by building high quality dream homes at the right price.

We’re proud to be one of Cairns’ top builders, and our team of experienced and highly skilled builders and construction managers always strive to go beyond satisfying our customer’s expectations.

Are you interested in what the local housing market has in store for you? View our selection of display homes in Cairns located in Smithfield Village, and Outlook Village, Bentley Park today! You just might find that dream home that you’ve been looking for.

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